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What is Alphabiotics?


Alphabiotics is a way to engage the very best part of you - your “Greater Self.”  With this new connection you will find it easier to perform, to stay centered during the pressures of change, and to experience more balance, harmony, and ease in life.  This remarkable approach allows you to reach a level of sustained awareness as well as a state of profound mental and physical balance that most adults rarely achieve.  It holds the key to bringing about very positive life changes.


Alphabiotics is considered by many, to be a breakthrough discovery in the evolution of consciousness; a significant step forward in the technology of human potential; a real way for people to find joy, inner peace, and  new meaning in life and living.  Alphabiotics was introduced as a thoroughly tested, bio-physics-based, non-secular, hands-on “helping system” in 1971.


Alphabiotics involves a dynamic, proven way to move individuals from weakness to strength and from being outer-reactive to being positively inner-directed.  It’s a proper way to stop stress from needlessly draining your life energy.  It is not a duplication of anything found in medicine, massage, chiropractic, hypnotism, occultism, or psychotherapy.


What Alphabioticists do is unique and different.  It’s powerful and it works!

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