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Written by:

Dr. Virgil Chrane

Academy Founder


What is Alphabiotics?


Alphabiotics is a way to engage the very best part of you - your “Greater Self.”  With this new connection you will find it easier to perform, to stay centered during the pressures of change, and to experience more balance, harmony, and ease in life.  This remarkable approach allows you to reach a level of sustained awareness as well as a state of profound mental and physical balance that most adults rarely achieve.  It holds the key to bringing about very positive life changes.


Alphabiotics is considered by many, to be a breakthrough discovery in the evolution of consciousness; a significant step forward in the technology of human potential; a real way for people to find joy, inner peace, and  new meaning in life and living.  Alphabiotics was introduced as a thoroughly tested, bio-physics-based, non-secular, hands-on “helping system” in 1971.


Alphabiotics involves a dynamic, proven way to move individuals from weakness to strength and from being outer-reactive to being positively inner-directed.  It’s a proper way to stop stress from needlessly draining your life energy.  It is not a duplication of anything found in medicine, massage, chiropractic, hypnotism, occultism, or psychotherapy.


What Alphabioticists do is unique and different.  It’s powerful and it works!

Alphabiotics objective is to communicate with the brain in order to interrupt the stress state and reboot the brain which then allows the innate wisdom of the body to grow, repair, rest and digest more optimally. Trusting the body to heal itself rather than try to fix, heal, treat, or cure a problem.

Alpha: first, primary, important      Biotics: having to do with life and living


A process that deals directly with the negative impact of unrelieved, off balancing stress, on the brain and body. Recent research suggests that 60 to 90 percent of illness today is stress related.


Alphabiotics employs a method of stress release. Lower stress levels improve health, happiness, disease prevention and longevity. According to the American Medical Association, “We are in the midst of the worst degenerative disease crisis in the history of humankind.”


Alphabiotics is the new science of stress release.


Alphabiotics is about stress relief and recovery. It is no surprise that we live in stressful times. Unfortunately, today’s world can be one of extreme physical, emotional, chemical and mental stress. Causing this energy depleting stress response state to be turned on at all times.

Unrelieved stress is the cause of all disease!“
-Dr Hans Salye, The Father of Stress research

Alphabiotics primary focus is cause correction. In a matter of seconds, this gentle, non-invasive, hands-on process sends a sensory input to the brain that a defensive stress response is no longer necessary.


The result: muscular tension drops, weak muscles strengthen, and energy increases to all parts of the body.


Alphabioticists do not desire to manipulate body physiology.


Alphabioticists facilitate participants in maximizing their potential and living better lives.


Dr. Chrane shared this process for over thirty years with thousands of people. In time it became apparent that the alignment process was a powerful, effective way to communicate directly with the brain. It was a hands-on delivered, sensory signal, a stress-pattern-interrupt that allowed the wisdom of the body to better do its job of regulating, controlling and coordinating physiological function, as well as normal mental activity. Strength restored, brain-fog lifted and people’s lives began to work better.

What he had discovered that later researchers would prove, was a primary cause of disease and an effective way to deal with that cause. Today, it is technically referred to as the Alphabiotic Brain-Balancing-Stress-Release-Cause-Correction-Process. Or most simply the Alignment Process.


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