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Dr Simon a Neuro Radiologist gives his personal testimony about Alphabiotics.

Rowdy koenig
Dr Simon a Neuro Radiologist gives his personal testimony about Alphabiotics.
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Dr Simon a Neuro Radiologist gives his personal testimony about Alphabiotics.
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Dr Simon a Neuro Radiologist gives his personal testimony about Alphabiotics.

Testimonal from Aline Bortolin
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Testimonal from Aline Bortolin

Testimonial with Teng Yao
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Testimonial with Teng Yao

April 30, 2017 with Brian
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April 30, 2017 with Brian

Diane, When I came to see you, I was in agonizing pain and could barely walk.  Within minutes your energy techniques stopped my shaking, crying and turned off the pain.  Today I am walking normally, pain free and have so much more space.  Infinite love and gratitude to you.


This is the second time you have completely created changes in my body....this first time you straightened my crooked back in moments.  What an amazing gift you have.  Thank you for your healing gifts.

Alex Vogel

Meeting you had re-inspired me.  Your intent was absolutely enormous.  The alignment set with me all week long.  Thank you so much!  I look forward to seeing you again shortly.  Take care and I'll contact you before I come out.

David Bransky 

Hello Beautiful!

What a blessing to spend time with you, see your face and huge smile and feel your awesome light and soul! 

That alone would have been the best... but that wasn't all... you mirrored for me, focused light, love and truth, healed me and woke me up again!!!  How do I even begin to thank you and illuminate my deep gratitude?

I have made some profound shifts and some subtle shifts as well. 

I have hiked 3 malls in three days, beginning with UTC! 

Then, I walked on the beach in the sand, which required focus and consciousness, but I did that yesterday!

I hadn't been able to walk thru the grocery store without my hip to foot giving out for the last 3 years! 

There is a lightness in my being overall and my awareness and attitude has shifted into positive and joyful noise...instead of negative dark chatter!

I checked out the Access website, I wanted to drink in more awareness of the process... Cool baby! I am feeling that it will be in my joyful future!!!! 

I am sending you huge flowing waves of love, big warm hugs and heart-filled gratitude for being and becoming the most amazing, light-filled, joyful, present, loving, healing woman to whom I honor and adore eternally!

I Love You...Soul Sister!    Deon

The Joyful Dolphin Girl!

Thank you so much Diane. I enjoyed the class so much. I love your energy and your beautiful smile. Your class really opened me up and helped me see even more clearly how powerful the bars can be and the unlimited ways we can apply it.


The healing I experienced Sunday was so powerful. I spent Monday relaxing and letting the changes take place. Since then I have been POD and POC ing a lot. 

I look forward to the day our paths cross again!!!


Thank you again,


Teresa Jean Bartchlett

Hi Diane!


Thank you so much for facilitating my first Bars class.  I had so much fun and I am confident in what we learned!  I've been running my kids and husband's Bars and look forward to doing more.  I also enjoyed what you facilitated beyond just the Bars during the class.  The body processes you did after lunch really left me awestruck at what's possible and looking for more of that to show up in my life.


Thanks again,


Hi Diane,

I am home now and enjoying my greater sense of confidence.


Loved your class and method of learning, the quiz at the end gave it a sense of completion and really helped me to integrate the points with actual location, great for visual learners! 


I will be using your tactics to start out with as I develop my own presentation style.


I am excited about taking future classes with you.


Thanks again,

Life is is coming to me with ease.

Warmly, Nancy

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