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Louise Hay

An internationally acclaimed and powerful life changing workshops based on the philosophy of the brilliant pioneer in self-love, Louise Hay.

There are several different transformational workshops you can take. These workshops will empower and lead you to unconditional self-love through mind/body connections, deep inner child work, recognizing and releasing thought patterns, integrating effective mirror work, and creating positive affirmations for new and lasting transformations.

Join me in embracing a new way of thinking that will allow you to be all that you are and prosper in life. These different workshops promises to inspire abundance in love, optimal health, mental/emotional well-being, relationships, work/career and finances.

Create the life you are worthy to live!

The Power is within you!

Here are the different workshops that I offer:

• Manifesting unconditional self-love through mind/body connection

• Deep inner child work

• Recognizing and releasing limiting thought patterns

• Releasing old emotions

• Integrating effective mirror work

• Creating positive affirmations for new and lasting change

• Embracing steps to unconditionally love and approve of yourself

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